TAD Sports has proudly serviced athletes of all ages since 2006.  We started our journey with a tennis court and a knowledge and passion for training; to now operating out of the largest Sports Performance Facility in the entire county.  Our unique facility allows for an unparalleled sports specific training experience for all athletes. TAD’s programs are cutting edge with equipment, environment, and training application.  Our trainers have worked with youth, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes of a variety of sports and backgrounds. Our trainers take the time to individualize each and every training session and program for our clients.  Whether you are an athlete preparing for your upcoming season or interested in general fitness, our knowledgeable trainers are committed to your individual success.


At 20,000 sq. ft., TAD Sports is the largest training facility in the county.  Our sports performance coaches are constantly studying from the best minds in the industry; while always staying with our foundational principle of concurrently training speed, power, agility, strength, and the specific energy system/s of our athletes.  We specialize in promoting the most optimal training environment for all athletes of all levels.

Training Staff


Clint Cox

Owner/Director of Performance


Tami Cox



Hunter Winans

Manager/Head Trainer

Brandon Freeman


TAD Gets Results

TAD graduates have been a part of these and other elite schools and professional teams