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My first encounter with Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) was in the fall of 2016.  I had recently graduated from Denison University, where I was a part of the football team for all four years.  An owner of TAD Sports, Clint Cox, had been researching RPR for a couple months and needed a willing test subject to practice on.  Myself being recently hired, I wasn’t at liberty to refuse.  Warning, you will experience some pressure that at times can be uncomfortable, but the payoff was/is more than worth it.

During that time period I was in the middle of training my Vertical Jumping Ability.  I had put together a 12 week program, and had completed 8 weeks of the program.  In those two months my vertical had increased from 30.5” to 31.8”.  My all-time vertical at Denison University was 32.0″.  After my initial RPR trial with Clint, he told me to incorporate it into my warm-up and see what happens.  In just two WEEKS my Vertical Increased to 33.8”, an All-Time Record!  I emphasize all-time record because in the Sports Performance world it is very hard to set new all-time records.  It is relatively easy to purely increase numbers, but all-time bests are few and far between.  This is especially true when athletes have higher training ages (myself being a post collegiate athlete).  

RPR works because it Stimulates your Nervous System into a Parasympathetic State, a Recovery and Optimal Performance State.  The combination of life and training puts nearly everyone’s nervous system into a sympathetic state, a stress and survival state.  Your Nervous System Controls what state your body is currently in.  You need to be in a Recovered State to Perform to your Highest Potential.

Your Nervous System can Increase/Decrease your Performance Faster than your skeletal and muscular systems.  No muscle can contract without first being electrically stimulated by the nervous system.  The human body is a computer, the muscles are the computer’s coding, the nervous system is the electric power.  You can’t input coding into a computer if its not plugged into a power source.  RPR stimulates your nervous system specifically to enhance what the muscles can already do.  

Hunter Winans and Clint Cox

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The great thing about RPR is that it can explain nearly every soft tissue non-contact injury, while simultaneously working to Prevent them.  RPR does not replace anything you are already doing, it merely Enhances Everything!

Hunter Winans                                                -Clint Cox
CSCS                                                                      RPR Lvl. 1 and Lvl. 2
RPR Lvl. 1 and Lvl. 2

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